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""  Open Letter to My Senator (Maybe to Your Powers-that Be, Too?)

I am writing you today, Senator, to beseech you to please, do everything humanly possible to keep this out-of-control Bush Administration from roaring into Iran and Syria, guns blazing!

Every time this bunch of hooligans gets in trouble (selling U.S. ports to potential terrorists - during the "War on Terrorism" - the V.P. guilty of operating a deadly weapon while under the influence and almost killing another hunter, just to cite a couple of the more recent fiascos) they start up with saber rattling and fear-mongering.

Whatever it takes to keep their disastrous administrative decisions and illegal activities out of the public eye and from the growing demands for investigation, they will undertake. The potential consequences of death and mayhem to others is irrelevant; protecting their own precious hides, while availing themselves and their friends to the bounty they covet, is what really matters here.

Because of the outcry demanding an accounting of White House involvement in the U.S. ports sale business, with its immediate and long-term ramifications on our ability to protect ourselves from the potential of terrorist strikes, the ever popular "Terrorist Attack Color Warning Alert" can no longer be called upon to redirect the public's attention from one issue to another more favorable to the administration.

In fact, the Bush Administration would like us all to forget about the War on Terrorism and all the lies and lies and lies they keep fabricating in an ill-advised and poorly executed cover-up.

If it wasn't for the fact our American young men and women are being killed and maimed daily in a war that's not only been "over," but we'd "won" a couple years ago now, it would almost be a cynically humorous comedy of errors.

But the untimely deaths and injuries befalling the innocents - be they Americans, or any of God's humanity - at the behest of the guilty is never a "comedy," be it of government affairs or errors.

Mr. Bush's "joke" - crawling under his White House furniture in search of Saddam's "Weapons of Mass Destruction," and knowing he was as likely to find them under his couch as in Iraq - was an excellent example of the "serious" consideration he gives to the lives he's taken.

What a cruel joke that was, too, on the families and friends of the thousands who have died "searching" for the weapons the Bush Administration knew would not be found, as they didn't exist. How unfortunate those young men and women could not have simply accompanied their Commander in Chief, safely searching for WMD under the furniture in the White House, rather than finding themselves in harm's way in the sands, towns and cities of Iraq, at the behest of this same Commander in Chief.

And now, unbelievably, the Bush Administration is ready once again to act on "allegations" that Syria and Iran are trying to interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq. Apparently only the United States is allowed to do so.

Mr. Bush is "warning" Iran and Syria that the U.S. will not sit back and allow them to continue as sovereign states over which we have absolutely no right to make any demands.

(Of course, though not exactly what Mr. Bush said, this is the truth of the matter, with Syria, Iran and, dare I saw it?, Iraq.)

Senator, you have the reputation of being an honest, fair and sensible legislator, whose efforts have been dedicated to the protection of the Constitution and those of us you have been elected to represent - a sad rarity in these times, it often seems, but a reputation of which the State of Wisconsin is proud.

You are in the position to assure necessary attention is focused on the actual issues and to impede the activities of this current White House administration in their continuing efforts to cover up their illegal and clandestine activities.

For your family, for my family - including an 8-month old granddaughter - and for all the families throughout the world, make this administration cease their reign of fear.

Thank you for your continuing efforts on the behalf of us all.

Best regards, P.L. Elliott
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