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"" And the World Sings On, in Memory of Laverne

How do you say goodbye to your lifelong companion? Your soul mate, who has shared the path with you, no matter how crooked, in spite of how straight - sometimes at your side, sometimes ahead, even a little behind, but always, always there. This is the moment you never allowed yourself to contemplate. If you thought of it at all, it was a foggy "what if" of such gross improbability it could never be taken seriously. Your days on this earth would one day end, a fact you could accept, at least in theory - but not for her; never for him.

How do you say goodbye to your lifelong lover? The one who held you with tenderness, with passion, even in the rare moments of disinterest the arms would reach to wrap you close, quiet, forever safe. A secret life shared and cherished, for you two alone. In the rushed and frantic world of obligations and responsibilities, it would only take a touch, a shy yet mischievous smile holding the promise: Later.

How do you say goodbye to your lifelong ally? The one who joined your fight, regardless the reason, despite the folly. The actions questioned and advice offered discretely, only in private; always the strong union shown to the world.

How do you say goodbye to the parent of your children? The one who shared with love, patience and infinite pride the greatest blessing two lives can offer each other, the best of themselves blended into their gift to the world. A foreverness embodied in the spirit of a child; this was done for you - how can you ever thank her, repay him, for this, the privilege of immortality?

How do you say goodbye to the joy of your life? To the one who made your living a wonder, adventure and pleasure? To the one who made you the best you could be simply because she deserved no less? To the one for whom you thanked God every day for having allowed this man's presence in your life?

Please, help and explain - how at this time in our lives, when the years that had seemed so long in passing, were really but a whisper of billowing smoke, how do you, how can you, how is it possible to now and finally, with a shrinking soul and dissolving heart, how do you say goodbye?

To you, my dearest friend, take these words to heart and know they are forever true for us all: How do you say goodbye to your lifelong companion? You don't. You only have to say "I'll see you later." And you will.

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